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8 months ago

LIne items on payroll entries

Is there a way to remove the line items that come up on an employee's payroll screen? I have some that have moved from casual to part time, as well as changing our award and the way we run the pay...
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    8 months ago

    Hi georgieh


    Thanks for the response.


    Apologize for the misunderstanding. May we know if this payroll category has been used before in any of your employees and has been recorded on pay runs? If this isn’t used even once for pay run, the system will allow you to delete/remove it completely. However, if this has been used before, you may check each payroll category and untick this to your employees so that it will not appear on while you’re doing the pay run. To do this you may go to Payroll> Payroll Categories> choose the Payroll Category and click the blue arrow button> click the Employee at the top left> untick those employees not using the payroll category> click Ok. This process will remove those unused categories appearing on the pay run. 


    We recommend running a dummy pay to confirm if this is done correctly. Do let us know how it goes and if you need further help.