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3 years ago

MYOB Payroll - restrict access entirely

Good Morning   I wish to restrict access for some users for Payroll - however when I now log in to the user they can still access certain parts.    They no longer have access to cards, yet they can...
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    3 years ago

    Hi LDOG 


    User access in AccountRight is determined by the user's role and functions of that particular role. You can see what roles the user has access to via Setup>>User Access>>Selecting the desired user ID (left-hand side) and seeing what roles you have ticked on the right. Once you have determined the role(s) of that User ID, you can navigate to the Manage Roles section (top of the window) and select that role. Anything that is ticked in the right the user would have access to that function.

    If you wanted to remove the user's access to the Payroll functions you would need to ensure that Payroll is unticked after selecting that role on the left. 


    Note: If the user does have access to another window that payroll transactions feed into like the Bank Register or Find Transactions or Account reports, these transactions would be listed, however, a user that has been restricted to payroll would not be able to click into the transactions to open the Pay Employee window.