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2 years ago

MYOB Team - Employees not showing on Timesheets page

When trying to enter hours for employees in Timesheets in MYOB Team there are no employees showing up. Sometimes there will be a few and eventually after refreshing a few times it may decide to show all employees. I have cleared the MYOB cache and now 7 out of 50+ employees are showing. 


Did MYOB do any testing on MYOB Team before releasing it? I feel like the users are the testers which I personally have time for. Where do I send an invoice for my time spent testing?

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    Good Luck!!!!
    I've been complaining about this for months and months and months and nothing has been done about it. 
    They try to imply that its my fault, despite the fact that it is a common problem that most people are having. 


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      Yeah. I've sent a direct message to one of the support team but not expecting much.  I am assuming Team is not a priority even though they have rolled it out as a feature.