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2 years ago

MYOB Timesheets & Payroll

Does activating timesheets in MYOB automatically affect the Payroll feature or is there an option of using the timesheet feature without it changing payroll information? I would like to use the times...
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    2 years ago

    Hi BSutcliffe00 


    When you enter timesheets the system will add any timesheets hours entered for the employee and combine that with the standard pay of the employee. This is seen in the Prepare Pays window (bottom section):



    So, in theory, if you need to enter timesheets you do need to ensure that you enter the appropriate amount of hours otherwise you will have a situation where you pay your employee those hours and potentially the hours through timesheets as well.

    My recommendation would be if you are going to use timesheets that you do use them appropriately and ensure that the necessary hours are entered for your employees. This would flow through to your payroll to ensure that you have accurately values based on hours worked.

    Should that not be possible, then you would want to untick the tickbox listed in that bottom hand window of the Process Payroll window. This ensures that you are not processing the entered timesheets for your employees, only the hours listed on their standard pay.