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3 years ago

Payroll Reversal

I've reversed the same payroll entry multiple times. Didn't realise the original entry remained so kept thinking it hadn't worked. What should I do to all the extra reversals??
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    3 years ago

    Hi RS73 

    If those reversals have not been declared to the ATO, a solution to this situation would be deleting extra reversals by following the steps given below:


    1. Navigate to Setup>>Preferences>>Security.
    2. Ensure that Transactions Can't be Changed They Must be Reversed is disabled.
    3. Once you have checked those preferences, select one of the reversals so you have the Pay Employee on screen showing that reversal pay.
    4. Select Edit>>Delete Transaction.

    The above process will clear extra reversals so you would have a positive and negative which cancel each other out. 

    If you have done another payruns after the reversals, the reversals would have been declared to the ATO and cannot be deleted. In that case, please go to Find transactions>>Search by Card=Employee>>Enter the date range for original and reversal payruns, and attach a screenshot of that window so we can check how many extra reversals are entered.