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6 years ago

Payroll Tax and Employees to allocate to State

I have set up Payroll Tax in NSW and Victoria.  How do I allocate the Victorian employees to the Vic Payroll Tax and the NSW employees to the NSW Payroll Tax Reports
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    6 years ago

    Hi JockJ 


    AccountRight 2019 allows for the user to generate a State or Territory tax report via Reports>>Payroll>>Payroll tax. Note: You would need to set up the appropriate State or Territory and select the appropriate categories to be reported via Setup>>General Payroll Information>>Set Up Payroll Tax.


    In terms of the Set Up Payroll Tax, the system does only allow for one state to be selected at a time. As the Payroll tax report will report all employees in the file it will include them into the selected State or Territory for reporting, regardless of the State listed on their employee's card. 

    If you do have employees outside of that state, you would need to run multiple reports, such as the Payroll Register Detail report to determine what as paid to those employees for the desired period. You would then deduct those values from the Payroll tax report to determine the amount for that state. Note: This would be a manual process.