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4 months ago


For the past month or so, the first time I click on payroll I get a connection error message and MYOB has to shut down. I shut down and restart and usually it is fine after that, but to be honest it is getting ridiculous to deal with that.  Sometimes later in the day when I go back to payroll to send out payment slips it will do it again.  Not really sure what the problem is or how it can be fixed, but it is only when I hit payroll so it is not anything with connections on our end. 

Thank you 

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    Hi, MelWill13


    Thanks for your post.


    Kindly send us a screenshot of the error message you received. If you received the Connection Error message, this can happen due to internet outages and scanning software on your computer, like an anti-virus program, interfering with the internet connection. To correct the situation, you may check the Help Article: Error: Connection error for more information.


    Please let us know how it goes on your end.


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