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2 years ago

Single Touch Payroll 2 - when will it be available?

Account Right says Single Touch Payroll is "paused". It has been "paused" for months. The Australian Tax Office has written to me telling me I HAVE TO BE ON STP2 or I will be fined. But AR won't let ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Tassin,


    Thank you for your post. 


    Transitions from STP Phase 1 to STP Phase 2 had been paused to improve the in-product experience in July, we're now gradually unpausing this for users. 


    You will be able to transition very soon, however, do note that we (MYOB) have obtained a deferral from the ATO which means you have until 1 January 2023 to move to STP Phase 2. This means you make the transition anytime before then.


    If you had any further queries or concerns, please do let me know. 


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