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2 years ago

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

When I called back in May this year 2022, I was told by someone in MYOB, that they are looking at doing single touch payroll Phase 2 off line as we do for normal wages and submitting.  Is this still going to be possible to do as going on line and off line with accountright to do wages weekly last time caused me issues, as we cannot stay on line due to internet problems in our area.

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    2 years ago

    Morning Teresa,

    As I am only a user of MYOB AccountRight Plus AU 2022.9.0 / Build 2022.9.24.7350 , I cant really advise you.


    However I can say that I was offline yesterday, processed my whole pay, went online and sent it to the ATO, then went offline immediately after.


    I checked this morning and everything seems correct.


    I can say that I have prepared for STP2 with all the changes from STP1 to STP2 done.


    Its a bummer that Myob is not prepared to allow us to do the same (offline processing, online for upload only) for STP2.


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  • Hello Teresa58 


    Welcome to the Community Forum.


    Your company file will need to be online to be able to report with STP phase 2. To give you plenty of time to move your file online, we've obtained a deferral from the ATO.


    This means you have until 1 January 2023 to move your file online and start reporting to the ATO via STP Phase 2.


    I have linked our Help Article on getting ready for STP phase 2 on further insight and how to set it up.

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      Hi, You didn't really answer the question.


      We too do not wish to be online with everything.  We wish to own our own data; and being online give MYOB the ownership - this is because once the subscription is finished the data disappears.


      We too wish to just upload the completed wages to the ATO.


      So how do we upload on STP2 without being online with everything?

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        Hello Ele 


        You can continue to use STP phase 1, to report using STP phase 2, your file does need to be online. 


        Online cloud storage is included with the MYOB subscription. 


        I have attached a Help Article on putting your file online which has steps on the different ways to accomplish this.