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2 years ago

Superannuation calculations for different employees - salary and hourly rate

  Hi I have been using MYOB AccountRight for nearly 20 years, though I am now having issues with entering the superannuation calculations in the Employee card file for the calculation of their supe...
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    2 years ago

    Hi LisaTerese 


    I don't fully understand the problem you are experiencing. Your comment suggests it is a new problem, although usually all employees have super guarantee calculated at 10.5% - which seems to be what is happening. Perhaps more detail about the issue would be useful.


    FYI, you can create multiple Super Guarantee payroll categories (eg one for hourly , one for salaried), and link them to the relevant employees. Each employee's SGC calculation will be based on the linked payroll category. You can even link 2 different Super guarantee payroll categories to the same employee, for example if you have complex payroll or rules.