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4 years ago

Tax File Declarations

Hi Just wondering if there is any updates on when we will be able to lodge tax file Declarations through MYOB this is something that will be very useful   
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    4 years ago

    ATO has announced as part of Single Touch Payroll update the need for separate  tax file number declarations will no longer be required 

    Key benefits and features of STP Phase 2 include:

    • reducing the duplication of information employers provide to Government which will also reduce unnecessary interactions including
      • incorporating the reason for an employee ceasing employment to reduce the need for separation certificates
      • reporting child support garnishee and deduction amounts voluntarily through STP instead of through the separate manual remittance process
    • removing the need to send tax file number and withholding declaration information to the ATO – this will now be captured in the employment conditions section of the STP report