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11 months ago

TFN Declaration Employee OnBoarding STP2

Hi    We are looking for some clarification regarding the completed TFN declaration that according to the ATO (see below) must be kept for your records.  When using MYOB Employee Onboarding - where...
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    10 months ago

    Hi JillL1 ,


    Hope you are having a great day! Thank you for our patience  while waiting for the response.


    I certainly understand your concern on conflicting answers and would like to add a personal apology as my previous reply also adds to the conflict.


    Based on the above conflicts and your further questions, I escalated these answers for review directly with the Product Manager responsible for the employee onboarding integration and would like to provide a definitive answer here.


    The first point is that Flare does indeed provide a virtual TFN Declaration form in accordance with these standards:


    The details in the form are then stored securely by Flare, and can be retrieved by MYOB's system at any time through the use of the PDF snapshot feature we have, with the given date and time of the submission of the form.


    The PDF snapshot we have is indeed sufficient to cover the ATO's requirement to store the TFN declaration on record, as it is a reflection of what was captured as part of that virtual form, and contains all the required information.


    The TFN information itself is submitted to the ATO as part of the STP2 process after the records from Flare have been imported into our system.


    So just to confirm, the Flare onboarding process is entirely sufficient in terms of record keeping for the collection of TFN and Super details, and no additional forms are required to be stored.


    Hope this helps and I would like to assure that our moderators will be updated with right information.



    Priya Selvaraj