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2 years ago

Trying to Pay Super

Hi, Is anyone having trouble paying super via Myob?   2 employees super payment went through ok but the other 2 havent.    For one employee the message I get is:   "One or more super funds selec...
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    2 years ago

    Hi lornev 


    Thank you for the error message details.


    The first error can occur when the super fund has had some changes, e.g. merged or renamed. I'd suggest using this current Super Fund list to verify the fund details, it's best to look up the fund based on its SPIN/USI instead of the fund name.


    The second error typically occurs when the super fund/SMSF created is corrupted. To fix it simply go to Lists > Superannuation, rename the existing fund then create a new fund with the same details. Assign the new fund to the employee card and process pay super.


    Please feel free to let us know how you go, or if you have any other questions.