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2 years ago

Unable to change the payment method/ payment account on wage transactions


I just wanted to ask how can I change the Pay from account from Electronic Clearing to the bank account (Cash at Bank) for some payroll transactions. I prefer to choose the bank account for electronic payments instead of of electronic clearing account. I already set it up that way but for the prior transactions. it seems that the transaction is locked and MYOB won't let me change the account to Cash at Bank. I'm trying to reverse the transaction but the error code Code: SingleTouchPayrollServiceError (100106) appears. 

Could you please let me know how to resolve this and how can I move them from the electronic clearing account to the Bank account? Or could you please suggest how I can reconcile the transactions for the month including these wages transactions from the reconcile account tab and also to clear the electronic clearing account and transfer the balance to the Bank account instead? 

I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thank you so much.

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  • hi DebWright 


    Unfortunately as the STP has lodged, or maybe the super paid it is not going to allow you to do.


    You are going to have to do a dummy aba file.


    go to prepare electronic payments, change the date to when it came out of the bank account and okay the warning.  Tick however entries made up the amount that came out of the bank, then prepare bank file.  


    if you do not create true ABA files and upload to the bank then if you get bank details needed you can go and enter all zeros for bsb, account number, tick I create bank files, do your bank code , WBC, ANZ, NAB or whoever, if you need direct entry user id just enter 0001.


    MYOB will then tell you transaction is going to be recorded first, say ok, then when it directs you somewhere to save the file just cancel out.


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      Hi Julie_A_C ,

      Thank you for your response. However, upon following the steps - I could not able to see the locked transactions in the prepare electronic payments tab even after changing the bank processing date so I can't tick any entries from those transactions that I wanted to rectify. Please see attached sample snips.

      Do you have any idea the reason behind that and the possible solution? My client is the one who processed the payroll so I have no idea how it happened, apologies. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me more on how to resolve this.

      Thank you. 

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        hi DebWright 


        From the snip you are showing me I can see two pays for 23/3, 4 for 29/3 and 1 for 5/4.


        So i don't know how your bank is reconciled for any of of those dates without those transactions in your bank account, unless the pays have been processed again paying from the bank account directly which means there is a double up of recording of wages.


        I also don't understand why the other pays done 5/4 are not showing in prepare electronic payments.


        I think you need someone to be able to access the file either on line or on site to look into it further.