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2 years ago

Unused Annual Leave and Unused Long Service Leave paid on termination

In the last pay run for an employee I paid the Unused Annual Leave and Unused Long Service Leave based on the entitlement report. However when I generate the entitlement balances for Annual Leave (AL...
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    2 years ago

    Hi PSHAH2 


    Here is an example of an adjustment pay to change the leave balances.  This is the entitlement balances before the adjustment pay:



    In the pay transaction I've zeroed out all amounts and hours (don't forget super and any other accruals) then entered the adjustment hours as a positive against the Annual leave accrual entitlement and a negative against the LSL accrual entitlement:




    After recording that pay transaction the Annual leave balance has increased by 45 hours and the LSL balance has decreased by those hours:



    Let me know how you go.


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