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HOw do i adjust and account for the first 10days payment for the employer payment where we are NOT reimbursed by our Work COver insurance ? SO given there is no personal leave accrual entitlement for the hours the staff member did not actually work ( in this case, did not work 16hours in one week ) do i still process as Wages Paid on Workcover ( not the file is fully set up as per MYOB guidelines ).


FOr the easy of payroll and no disadvantage to the employee at the time, they were paid the full 38 , but i need to adjust internally the 16hrs for both super and p/l accrual .


Further payslips have been adjusted and the PIAWE top up processed and accounted for - it's just these 1st 10days hours.....



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    help please - do these first 10days just be paid as normal base hourly ??

  • Hi lyndelstruct 


    I'm sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet. We're not permitted to advise which payroll category those first 10 days should be paid against, I'd recommend checking this with your accountant.


    From an AccountRight perspective, you can move the hours paid from hour payroll category to another by processing an adjustment pay. Enter the hours as a negative against the payroll category you are removing them from and a positive against the payroll category you are moving them to.


    If you need to adjust the leave entitlements and super these Help Articles have full instructions:

    Adjusting leave entitlements

    Check and adjust super 


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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