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4 years ago

Card: Employee - Add Employee Deduction Membership numbers



When creating an Employee Card, it would be useful to attach the employees Union member number to the deduction from their wage. We need to submit a monthly report to the Union of the fees deducted per employee, and they need the union member number per employee on the report. Currently there isn't a report from MYOB that can display the member number and fees deducted in the same report.


A member number would also be useful against each of the Employer Expenses categories, for the same reason as above.


If other businesses agree this report would be useful, please Like/Agree/Vote with this post, and hopefully MYOB will add this in future updates.


"Employee Cards - Member numbers'


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    Hello Brooke_Clark 

    I suggest that you use one of the Custom Fields for this. See the help for more details on doing this. 


  • Hi David_Cree ,

    Yes I have used a Custom Field for now, however this custom field cannot be printed on the same report as the weekly deductions.

    If there is a report that can be created to include both member number and deductions, and/or member number and weekly employer expenses, I would love to hear about it.

    Thanks, Brooke

  • Hi David_Cree 

    I currently use Reports > Payroll > Payroll Categories > Payroll Category Transactions.

    Filter on Payroll Categories > Union Fees. Sort by Memo/Payee, then sort by Date.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hello Brooke Brooke_Clark 

    Thanks for telling me what report you use. As you are aware you cannot add the Custom Lists to this report.

    Do you use the Card ID  for employees? If not then you could put the Union number in this field on the card and add the Card ID to the report.

    There is  another report that you could use that will pick up the Custom Field with the unionNo if you do not want to use the Card ID.

    Payroll Register (Summary) report. Customise this to only have the Deduction field and add the Gustom Field for the union number. alternatively the Card ID could be used as well.

    one caution with this report - watch out if you have other deductions including Sal Sac Super.