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9 years ago

Pay Superannuation: Generate confirmation from super funds

Can MYOB generate a confirmation to the Superstream suppliers (and copy us in on the same email) as we are constantly getting overdue letters - even though we have paid.


We have always paid our staff super weekly and never had a problem - we are now getting weekly requests to show proof of payment.


In our discussions, two of the Superannuation Company team members suggested a simple email (as per the bank email) ehich would show payment has not only been taken from us, but then transferred by MYOB. 


Notification from MYOB to us (the customer) would also assist down the track when invariably there is going to be submission queries. The MYOB transaction (when checking the bank statement online) only shows the total amount and does not show individual allocations - which will be a huge time waster if there is a problem.)


Just a thought - but I think this could be a huge benefit and time saver, simply by sending the confirm email...


Also, does this mean that if you use "Live Payments" there could be the same delay with intra-bank transfers??


"Can MYOB generate a confirmation contact to the Superstream suppliers to stop "overdue" letters coming?"


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    I might be a little old school but I used to be able to print a receipt from the MYOB Super portal / Super fund when a payment was made.


    with MYOB version 2018.3 i get nothing - and the only thing i can  Print is whats in the system.


    I feel as I am using MYOB as a 3rd party to distribute our company Funds for super  - there should at least be a receipt No, reference No. anything as a  proof of payment for Audit Purposes, Client Proof, querie's


    I dont feel that a printout Just from my data file is adequate



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      I feel the same.  I would prefer something with a total of all payments made at that time - similar to the Activity summary report.

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      Agree, in the Building & Construction Industry we are often requested by Principal Contractors to verifiy our super payments. Till now we have supplied a report from the ATO Clearing House. Have just processed our first super payment run through MYOB Super Payments, and although it is less work - i am unable to substantiate/provide any proof of payment - other than a screen shot? Not sure this is going to be acceptable??


      Can you please look to building a more formalised report with Receipt ID, Confirmed payment date etc?

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      This is something I have just asked on the Live Chat about, and it seems there is still no way of having some kind of proof of payment receipt when paying super.  I asked if it was something that could be looked at improving on, but was informed there were no similar requests so I should take it up on this forum.  So here is another request for the MYOB team to look at it.

  • My employer is concerned that there is no proof that when the payment is made from the MYOB via Pay Super that it actually arrives at the Superfund.  We see it leave our band but would like to see a proof of payment included as part of the Pay Super facility

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      Re Superannuation  Also Can we have some sort of email notificattion that the payment has been received and completed

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    As a 17 year MYOB customer - I wouldn't mind a response please!


    Could  MYOB please acknowledge that they are at least looking into some form of confirmation?

    (or not!!)


    This will cause some headaches shortly when super info is required for End of Year once businesses start making the payments.


  • Hi Scratch475


    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight.

    All ideas are placed on the AccountRight Idea Exchange are passed onto the required team to investigate their possible inclusion into future updates of AccountRight.

    At this stage we still encourage others in the MYOB Community that would like to see this as a possible feature of the program to vote and comment if required for this particular idea.

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    OK thanks for the response Steve.


    I look forward to the next month then to see how this does or doesn't affect other MYOB users!