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7 years ago

Report: Entitlement Balance [Detail] - Show dollar value

I am accruing annual leave for PPT employees so that I can add into my weekly P&L.  The only way to calculate that is onerous as I have to run the entitlements balance summary report for that week and then also run it for the week before, subtract the two amount, delete a heap of fields and then auto sum the total.  With 150 employees over 5 businesses it's very time consuming.  Is there any way that the entitlement balance detail report can include dollar values?  It currently only provides hours accrued.  Would appreciate the help.


"Annual Leave Dollar Value Weekly"

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  • Hello, Have you tried using 2 Entitlement Balance Summary reports for each week and journal the difference (ie movement)?  Filter by Employees (PPT only), display by Entitlement. Save the report so you don't have to select the PPT employees every time.