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10 years ago

Report: Entitlement Balance [Summary] - Show 3 decimal places

In the Employee Card File entitlements hours are shown using 3 decimal points even when processing a pay it is shown using 3 decimal points and the Entitlement Reports use 2 decminal points, could you please look at having the hours on the Reports using 3 decimal points, this assist with reconciling the leave reports.


The classic AccountRight V19.10 has 3 decimals points for hours on those reports; is there a reason for changing to 2 decimal points...this had made reconciling very difficult in V2015.1.


Please consider this to make our lives easier!!!


"Payroll Entitlements Balance Summary Report"


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    I don't mind which way it goes, 2 or 3, as long as it's consistent throughout the whole system... If hourly rates and entitlement balances on cards stay at 3, then the report should be 3. If the report has to stay at 2, update everything else to only 2 as well...

  • The entitlement report should always show 3 decimal places, this should be a quick fix for MYOB to make it easier to reconcile leave entitlements every month without having to check the employee card file. Why hasn't this been resolved as a quick fix??? Why can't this be added as an option under the Insert / Modify section of the report??
  • I agree. The whole report is pointless because the data is incorrect with only 2 decmil places.

  • Hi, 

    I'm quite new to payroll but can already see how it would be useful to have the reports display to 3 decimal places.  I have to process 2 final pays today and it seems redundant to have to print an inaccurate report, then go into each individual's file to check the final numbers and amend.   

    If it was 3 places before, I can't see why MYOB saw fit to change it in recent versions.