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7 years ago

Setup: Add delete transaction confirmation prompt

Could you please add a 'Are you sure' Pop up when deleting transactions to be able to confirm the deletion.



"Delete Confirmation"


  • Today MYOB made my blood boil with the absurd stupidity of having 'Delete Sale' as the first right click option within preparing an invoice (entering a sale).

    It appears if you right click 'Delete Sale' by accident, your whole Sale is deleted in a flash without so much as a "Are you sure you want to delete this sale?" option?

    As confirmed by your forum support today - "Once a sale is deleted from the software you will need to enter it back into the system, it is not able to be restored unless you took a backup before deleting the sale you can restore from."

    As i am sure many small businesses do, i spend a considerable amount of time detailing my billable work in an invoice to a client - in this instance a lot of work was lost with no way to warn me, cancel the mistake, reverse or retrieve the work.

    I think you'll agree this is not good.


    • Reword 'Delete Sale' to 'Completely Delete Sale'
    • Re-postion to the last selection
    • Throw a standard type warning "Are you sure you want to completely Delete this Sale"  -  Cancel   YES

    Thank you


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      I agree it would be very useful to have a warning in this case. I have voted for it.

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      John W,

      Thanks for the Tip, I am sure this is a great way to avoid the worry (and I'll give it a go.) However, I am left wondering if you have slightly missed the point here. Your tip is helpful and without it, this know how would otherwise require someone who is wildly proficient in MYOB or geeky enough to acquire this information for themselves. Instead for everyone else, they would have to experience the pitfall, post a suggestion like myself and be lucky enough to get someone as helpful as yourself to present the precaution 'reverse' preference tip.

      The point is, yes right click is great and therefore as the most used option, the suggestion was to add a measure or two to help people not accidently delete vital information so easily.

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    It would be ideal if MYOB could display a warning message before deleting an invoice.


    Currently, if you select Edit / Delete Sale the invoice deletes immediately. As a safe guard, it would be great if a message comes up asking the user to confirm that they are requesting the invoice to be deleted.


    The reasoning behind this is that it is too easy for a user to delete an invoice. From an accounting point of view, this could prove to be detrimental to the business if it is done in error.


    Other screens within MYOB display a warning message if you "Cancel" a transaction before you post it, from my perspective, deleting an invoice is more important to display a warning message than exiting a screen.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    When a user attempts to delete a transaction in the AccountRight browser interface they will receive a prompt to warn them and do they wish to delete that transaction. 

    Please note: Deletion of transactions in the AccountRight Desktop application is immediate, no prompt will be given by the software.

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    I have had another client today accidentally delete an invoice - a warning would be great 

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    I had another client call and say that they had accidentally deleted an invoice - a prompt prior to deleting would be great

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    Hi all.


    As we value your feedback/suggestion Thank you for your suggestion in regarding the adding delete transaction confirmation prompt. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. I encourage you to please take a moment to post on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange board  for consideration. 


    Best regards,