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6 years ago

Spend Money: In Tray



When I purchase items on my credit card it easy to photograph the receipt and email it to my 'In Tray' as the thermal receipts fade over time.


I then have to enter the sale as a purchase, even for a one off, and then apply payment in 'Bank Feeds' to be able to have a copy of the receipt attached.

The other option is to send the photo to my email account and drag it across which is very clumsy trying to reduce two windows on the computer screen to be able to do this, while filling all my devices that get my emails with photos.


How can I enter a spend money and attach a document from the ‘In Tray’?





"Attach documents from In Tray to Spend Money"


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone 

    With the release of AccountRight 2019.2, we added the option to attach documents to Spend Money transactions. Further improvement has been added with AccountRight 2019.3 with Spend Money transactions being able to be created from In Tray documents 

  • This has not been done in the online version limiting factor - have to go back to desktop to do this.

  • I have done this process attaching receipts to spend money transactions; but now I'm trying to reconcile the credit card account, and these transactions are not balancing when I select them in the bank rec screen. 

    Does using the In Tray and attaching receipts normally create errors when reconciling CC accounts?

    Please help!