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8 years ago

Timesheets: App - YourPay

I hope this is developed and available in the Accountright package as well.

'YourPay App"


  • The Time Tracking for AccountRight app looks great, but could it be adapted (or a similar app created) to track timesheets for payroll? It would be very helpful if my staff could use an app to log their daily hours.  


    Can timesheets be done on an app.


    And it would be good to hav the Customer auto-fill where linked to a Job.

  • Hi

    Can you please add the YourPay feature to the Myob onthego app?


    It would be really helpful.


    Cheers :)



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    Please add the Your Pay app to MYOB account right. 

    Crazy that this has not happened yet.


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    Please include the YourPay App in AccountRight.

  • I really hope this idea is made possible.


    AccountRight allows for a much bigger business to run financially so these small advantages should be available.

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    I have just unpgraded to 2018.3 online and would love there the be an App for employees to fill in their timesheet via phone etc.

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    A timesheet app for payroll would be extremely handy