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10 years ago

Timesheets: Default setup - Only need to add hours

Can you set up a timesheet to have certain payroll catergories for each emplyee to appear constantly and you only need to add the hours?


"Timesheet Entry"


  • I would like to be able to use timesheet function in MYOB, but suggest rather than having to copy from last, having a STANDARD/RECURRING timesheet, like you have a standard pay. Would mean for us who have staff cleaning anywhere up to 6 different places a shift, not having to use a spreadsheet to keep track and of changes and would make easier for tracking wages cost per site too.


    Thanks Kristina 

  • There is a drop down menu to list and tick all the payroll categories for each employee that are taken from a larger list as each employee may have different items.

    When we do a time sheet could the categories that are ticked for that employee list comes up on the time sheet. We would then enter the data i.e.. times and such in the appropriate column. When the pay slip was printed and saved only those columns with data would print and be saved

    As of now we have to enter the employee name then drop down the payroll list, select the category enter the data then do it all again for each individual category i.e. ordinary rate, time and a half, double time and any other

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    I currently use that but not every week has the same payroll catergories in an employees timesheet.

    If i could set up a template that prompts the catergories i use the most it would be easier than copying from a previous week and having to delete or changing day by day the payroll catergories i use.



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