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8 years ago

Timesheets: Enter start + stop/finish time and hours are automatically worked out

Hi, I have previously used Wageeasy Payroll and am finding the timesheet entry very labourious, as I have to manually work out the hours worked for each day.  Why can the timesheet not be changed to start time and finish time etc when entering the employee for the day?


"Timesheet start and finish times"


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    On speaking to MYOB Support who suggested that I place my request on the Community Forum, I am requesting that MYOB Team would look at adding a function in Timesheets for adding a Time On and Time Off section that would then automatically upload the hours worked on any particular day that Casual Staff work and a function that also included "working breaks" during the daily shift ie Lunch Break


    This would be a vital asset in preparing Casual's Pay so that mistakes would not be made when putting in the hours especially in the industry I work now.  At present you have to work out the hours and this is very time consuming process.


    In my previous employment, Security Industry, this function would have also been an asset as Security Guards work various hours.  I believe this function would extermely welcomed within MYOB and greatly appreciated by the Users of MYOB.

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      I agree, I currently run spreadhseets for my calculations.  I have considered importing the information into myob as we also run jobs, and this information would be great allocated to the job numbers. But the info that needs to be imported is really difficult summaries in the spreadsheet, so I havent been able to complete.  


      I also tried to use the Activity Slip functioanilty, but that doesn't pull through to payroll.

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