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7 years ago

Online Payments: Paypal option

I'm new to Essentials but have been using AccountEdge for a while and have been accepting payments through PayPal.  I'm looking for a way to add a PayPal button to my invoices but there doesn't seem to be the ability to paste an active hyperlink anywhere into the template.  The only option available seems to be to include a very long website address as text, which doesn't seem very user friendly. Can anyone help?


"Can I add a PayPal button to my invoices in Essentials"


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  • Hello, I am surprised to find that MYOB Essentials does not offer an option to add PayPal button or edit the invoice to include a QR code etc as a payment method to invoices emailed to customers.


  •  Looks like this isn't a priority for MYOB as I have the same issue and it's 2021.  This is a shame as I have moved over from Xero where I had this option under a similar plan.