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7 years ago

Reports: Refresh report after changing information in different tab


Hello team,


I am finalising the accounts for my clients at the 30th June and constantly drilling down on figures in the PnL and the balance sheet.


I have selected the balance date as the 30/6/2017 and displayed the report.  Then I drill down to review entries and if I need to make a change or correct something, I drill down on the entry and fix it, then [Save] the change.  The report is redisplayed in a new browser window but the balance date is now today's date.


If I close this new tab and go back to the original report, I cannot select to redisplay the report with the new figures.  If I press the <F5> button to refresh the browser's window, Essentials defaults back to today's date for the balance date.


Firstly, this makes the whole process incredibly time consuming and very inefficent and simply a pain in the BUM!.


If you are not carefule to watch what you are doing, you also end up with way too many tabs open that you just have to go back and close.


Could we please have a simplier way to review and correct the balance sheet and PnL in Essentials.






"The new balance sheet and profit and loss reports need a [Redisplay] button"


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    GL account allocation codes are not updated in the journal screen, after editing a previous journal. The allocation changes are stored OK in the ledger (as seen in the GL Detail report) - it's just that the journal enrry window is not "refreshed" when an allocation is edited. 

  • It would save a large amount of time for Partners if there was a Refresh button on the reports screen.  

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      It would be great if the Profit & Loss and balance sheet reports had a refresh button so up to date balances can be obtained with the click of a button. Having a comparative option for the balance sheet would be great as well. 

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