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11 years ago

Sales: Invoice Number sequence per customer

I like to keep track of my invoices by a code for each customer, ie John Smith would have JS001, Sams Auto Garage SAG001. (partly to keep how many invoices i have issued confidential to me)


When i make an invoice and select the customer, it would be nice not to have to save the invoice part way through and  go through my old invoices for that customer and work out what number comes next, because if i neglect to change the invoice number from SAG002 to JS002 i send the wrong coded invoice to a customer. Is there a way of MYOB keeping track of that for me?






"Invoice numbering"


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    I have the same issue because we have two sets of invoice numbering - one for invoices generated in the office and another for invoices generated on the job (which then have to be entered into MYOB).  So we have to keep checking back to see what number is next (could write it on a piece of paper somewhere I guess, but that seems a bit backward).



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