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12 years ago

Take payments: Include cash rounding option for invoice amounts

Will there be an automatic rounding feature in the future with liveaccounts invoicing. It would be handy if when you went to customer payment if you could check a box for cash and it would automatically round the amount. At the very least invoices need to be able to be amended without deleting payments and at times multiple down payments on the one invoice. ie - a customer has been invoiced $2,323.26 and pays the amount off over a month using a credit/debit card and then their last payment is cash you have to go back, unreconcile the previous payments, delete the payments, amend the invoice to include rounding ANDthen go back entering all the payments for the right dates, reconciling a vast number of eftpos transactions that had to be unreconciled to allow this particular customers payments to be unreconciled etc all over $0.01. Seems ridiculous!!!!!


"LiveAccounts Rounding"

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