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Bank Feeds

New to Bank Feeds.   I have a deposit whose decription has come thru as CBA followed by the business name (eg CBA Eggs Galore Co.)   I have an invoice I've done as Eggs Galore, the amount is the same but dates are different.  When I click on "Find" I change the dates but it will not find a matching invoice.  Is this because Bank Feeds is looking for the name CBA Eggs Galore Co. and I have the company name as just Eggs Galore. How do I get it to find the invoice?   

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Re: Bank Feeds

Hi @Gem159 


From an AccountRight matching point of view, the description of the bank transactions doesn't play a part in the matching of transactions within AccountRight. The exception to that is if you use bank feed rules, which can scan the description of the incoming transactions to generate a transaction based on criteria.


In terms of your situation, you mentioned that you have created the Invoice, have you created the Sales>>Recieve Payments transaction? As the bank feed transactions match window is looking for transactions in the bank account if you haven't entered that transaction it will not be able to find a match. If you want to use the Match function manually enter in that Recieve Payment transaction for that invoice and then use the Find option for the bank transaction to match that AccountRight transaction to the bank transaction.


The other option would be to use the New>>Recieve Payments option on the Bank Feeds window. This would allow you to create that payment transaction against the invoice. It would also match and approve that bank feed transaction as part of that process. 

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