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Bank Reconciliation

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Bank Reconciliation

I am having the problem of an account that has NEVER been reconciled not showing any of the transfers made to the account.  I have stretched the bank statement dates out over 12 months, still nothing.  However, the account transferred from, has been reconciled & balances fine.  Weird thing is, they are showing up in a report as being there, just not there to reconcile.  Is it a glitch with the change in system??

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Re: Bank Reconciliation

Hi @Tracy0709 


If you just move the Bank Reconciliation aside a moment, do those "missing" transactions show in the Bank>>Bank Register window? 

If so, does the Reconcile date of those transactions have a date listed in the following set up report?

  1. Reports>>Accounts>>Accounts>>Account Transactions [Accrual]
  2. Select a suitable date range and that particular account
  3. Select Display report
  4. With the report on screen, select the Insert/Modify>>Report Columns>>Show Hide
  5. Select to Show the Reconciled Date column
  6. Select OK

Assuming that transaction has a date, it would seem to indicate that the account has been reconciled and included those transactions.

If no date is listed in that Reconciled Date column on that Account Transactions [Accrual] report the transactions should be outstanding in the Reconcile Accounts awaiting reconciliation. Perhaps a quick thing to try would be to select the different column headers to sort the columns by that information.


If that is still not appearing we would need to grab some screenshots of the following information to investigate further:

  • One of the transactions that should be appearing (i.e. the Spend Money or Transfer Money... transaction)
  • One of the Find Transactions window showing that particular transaction (or the Bank Register window)
  • A copy of that Account Transaction [Accrual] report listing that transaction as not having a Reconciled Date
  • One of the Reconcile Accounts window not showing that transaction as being listed.

With the above information, we can have a more accurate review of what is occurring with that transaction (and potentially the others as well).

Kind regards,

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