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Date input inconsistency

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Can I suggest that the date input methodology is made consistent across the application?


When inputting a date in a Form (Invoice or Purchase Order) the date is input using n tab n tab i.e. 1st April 2014 would be entered as 1 <tab> 4 <tab> whereas in Reports it is input using n / n / i.e. 1 / 4 /.


Either use one or the other across the whole application preferably the / methodology.


This is a small but frustrating issue when moving around the application and I don't imagine it would be difficult to correct.




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Hi K_N_G 


See below the link where I reported/queried to dates as well, the dates in AR Live drive me a little crazy.Smiley Frustrated



Experienced Cover User Kelly81
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What I find very frustrating is that you can't just change "one" number in a date segment (i.e. month or day) you have to change both as when you type one number it totally overwrites what is in that segment.


Why can't AR work like the report writer which gives you the ability to change, one number only in each segment or you can delete and change the whole date?


In the report writer we just simply need a "mask" added so that when entering the date from a blank form it automatically puts them in for us. I think that would solve @K_N_G concern as well.


On another subject with dates, I find it very frustrating if I type the wrong last day of the month say for example 31 on a month that doesn't have 31 days it changes the entire date to 31/3/2014 when it should automatically revert to the last day of the month currently in the form.


Other software allows you to change an indiviual number in a date segment but no matter how many times you click in AR 2013.5 it still highlights both numbers in a segment and it is impossible to select just one number. Very time consuming if you want to just change one number in a segment.

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Agree it needs to be made the same across the whole system - but don't take out the ability to use the decimal point as the date seperator - this was taken out 2 years ago and took ages to be reimplemented  For data entry users who use alpha numberic keyboards the decimal point as a date seperator is essential

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What I find very frustrating regarding dates is the change of format of dates when reports are exported to excel. We do a lot of exporting and imoprting and the date will sometoimes be dd/mm/yyyy and sometimes mm/dd/yyyy. This has led to serious errors at times.

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@JeanatForce10, check your computer's short date setting, it should be d/mm/yy (single d), format such as dd/mm/yy will cause that issue.

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good tip Mike - thanks

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@Mike_Jamesthat shouldn't be neccessary. Very bad move making changes to user settings on the computer.


It only takes the user to think "oh thats wrong and put it back".

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Date inconsistency especially from data entry to reporting has been an ongoing issue for every version since Version 2011 right through to 2014.2.  It has gotten better but is still not right especially when compared to V19 and earlier (in those version is was consistent across the whole application).  It should be modelled on the V19 methodology in relation to the method of entering dates, those versions worked well.


It appears though it is just to difficult to get 100% consistency across the whole product.



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I have queried why, in AccountRight, the date entry in reports (which requires the complete date to be entered) is different to every other window (which only require the day or month).  The reason is apparently reports can have variety of calendar periods, normally both current and historic periods.  I don't agree with this logic as most reports where this would be applicable also have the financial year as an option.  I suggest it would be of more benefit to the user if the date entry was consistent.

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I agree and have voted