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In Tray: Show filename of document

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When viewing invoices in the intray, particularly multiple invoices from the same supplier, the thumbnails are useless. Having the file name visible would make much more snese. Either an alternate view (list etc) or having the file name displayed under the thumbnail, or on a cursur fly over style 


"In Tray, invoice view"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @VRoth

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the intial release and ongoing improvement of the In Tray.

I would encourage other users that would like to see the filenames uploaded along with the thumbnails to vote for this idea and comment if required.

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Mouse-over imported invoices to see the file name, makes good sense in the Intray. Alteratively, a series of view options, similar to Windows Explorer, would also be good - where you can choose to display as large or small icons, or list or as details showing file name and date the file was saved.
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i would find it helpful if the document name or part of was displayed under the document in the intray. this would help if you have multiple documents in the tray from the same supplier

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Titles would make it easier to locate right documentTitles would make it easier to locate right document

It would be great after a file has been added as an Attachment, the document title is either permanently displayed, or displayed as you hover over that file.

The document title is obviously recognized as it's displayed while the file is uploading. 

We attach multiple documents in our Card Files e.g. Job Cards for each repair job.

Having the document title displayed would make data retrieval so much easier than having to open each attachment in turn to determine the content.

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I think this will very helpful to process large volumes of invoices 

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Please fix this! We want to use the attachment feature to store our POD's, customer purchase orders, supplier invoices, etc. but without the label, how are we supposed to locate the saved items without looking into each attachment?

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For the love of pizza, this needs to be implemented!!  Or at least when the documents are scanned in, they stay in the order that they're scanned in.

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Mabye not just the filename, which would be fine as a fefault name, but alllow the person who took the picture to type somthing descriptive that can take the place of the filename if desired.