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Entitlements Taken not showing on reports

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Entitlements Taken not showing on reports

Entitlement report for an employee does not show, any Annual Leave taken, but I can see on his Pay Advices he has taken and been Holiday Pay.


I have done an Adjustment on 12.9.23 as a negative number and all other values $0, to align and I used the words "Adjust" in the Chq No.  I run the entitlements report again, and it still does not show this adjustment on the reports.


Thinking I must not have recorded the entry, I try and do the adjustment again, and get a message to say "Adjust"" has been already used in Chq No, what am I doing wrong that I cannot see the adjustment made on the entitlement report when I rerun it.  I tried expanding the date range and still cannot see it.


Can someone tell me where to look, so I can see my adjustment made, and should it not appear now on the entitlement report under Hours Taken?


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Re: Entitlements Taken not showing on reports

Hi @lois 


Hope some of the below is helpful in some way.   


The alert you are getting, "Adjust", has already been used in Chq No"  - is just notifying you that you have used the word "Adjust" in a prior transaction under the reference field, like a duplicate.   However, you could have used "Adjust" on other prior transactions in the past as well.  It was more designed for businesses that used cheque numbers.


To check if you have posted the adjustment, can you search by the Employee Card under Find Transactions?


Also, when running the report, make the start date the start of FY i.e. 1/07/2023


Let us know if you still have issues. 


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