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Many problems with bank feeds

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Many problems with bank feeds

Hi All,


I have just spent way too long sorting out and trying to reconcile the bank accounts for a client who totally stuffed up 3 months worth of transfers (and there were many) between their bank accounts because it was not obvious to him that once you create the transfer from one account you do not create the other side of the transfer but simply match the transaction.


I can see that he has been confused by the way bank feeds are currently displayed.


Although I appreciate the ability to have transactions from multiple bank accounts merged into one feed, because that this is the default method each time you go into the feeds this is causing the problem for the client.


Apparently, the client has been allocating the payment from say their main working account into their credit card by (correctly) creating a transfer to their credit card account.


However, because the feed is not dynamically updated (as it was in the old Essentials) when they then see the deposit into the credit card account, there is nothing indicating that the transfer transaction has already been created and all they need to do is match the transaction.  Instead they than create another transfer - which causes their problems.


I have had to ask them to select and allocate the transactions from one account at a time so that they are now seeing the Possible Match prompt in their feed when they are processing the second account.


 It would be better if the software paused at the bank account selection drop down each time you go into bank feeds from the Dashboard or the first time you select Bank Transactions each session.


P.S.  Why do the bank feeds always default to the newest to oldest sort order?  Surely you would want to allocate oldest entries first?  And if not, why can't the software at least remember my last selected preference??



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Re: Many problems with bank feeds



Hi Alan


I hope you're well. To match a transfer between accounts when both accounts have bank feeds:


  1. record the Transfer money transaction
  2. go to Bank transactions
  3. expand the bank feed for that transfer
  4. click the Transfer money tab
  5. select and save
  6. refresh the Bank transactions window and both sides will be matched

You can change the date order of transactions in the Bank transactions window by clicking on the sort arrows next to the column header. The software will remember the sort preference selected and default to that preference every time you go into Bank transactions or sign into the file.


Let me know if you need further help with this.


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