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Payroll Activity Summary vs Payroll Register Summary report

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Payroll Activity Summary vs Payroll Register Summary report

Hi Everyone


As it is the end of the payroll year we thought we do an overview of two key payroll reports that are great to use at the end of the payroll year. These can be used to ensure that you have the correct values ahead of preparing your payment summaries.


If you go to Reports>>Payroll>>Employees you have two reports; Activity Summary and Register Summary. Both reports do appear identical but are drawing their information from two different locations.

The Payroll Activity Summary report is looking at the actual Payroll transactions recorded in payroll, whereas the Payroll Register Summary report looks at the employee’s card – in particular, the Payroll History section of the Payroll Details tab.


Ideally, both of these particular reports will match as the payroll transactions recorded will match up with the employee’s card.


What if the Payroll Activity Summary and Register Summary reports don’t match?

If these particular reports don’t match it is likely that the card history has been updated manually. To get them to match do follow the below instructions:

  1. Run the Activity Summary and Register summary on a per month basis, to narrow down the month(s) that the reports don’t match
  2. Once the month(s) have been determined where it doesn't balance, check the payroll transactions in those months to ensure that they have been recorded correctly
  3. When that has been checked navigate to the pay history section of the employee's card - Card File>>Cards Lists>>Employees>Select the relevant employee's card>>Payroll Details tab>>>Pay History (left-hand side)

  4. Select to Show pay history for that particular and overtype that value to be same as the payroll transaction recorded
  5. Rerun the relevant reports to ensure that they do match.

Once you Activity Summary and Register Summary reports do match, you are in a great position to prepare your payment summaries. 

Kind regards,

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