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3 years ago

Duplicated Purchase Order and Invoice Numbers

Good afternoon,


I am having issues with our MYOB duplicating the purchase order and invoice numbers. We have gone into the setup and changed the settings to notify us when duplications happen with both purchases and sales and we still aren't getting a pop up message.


Can you please advise if we have missed something that needs to be ticked?


Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,

Tenille McKay

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Tenille12 


    Thanks for your post. Could you check the following:


    When you enter the duplicate invoice/purchase number and press tab, does the warning appear then?


    It should look like this:



    When you change the invoicenumber without changing anything else and click Record the software does not have chance to populate this message.


    Let me know if using tab, or clicking into another field after you adjusted the Invoice No. does give you this message!

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      Contributing Cover User

      Hi, I have a client that is also getting duplicate sales invoice numbers, they are not changing the invoice numbers but allowing the system to assign the next number.  It is not happening all the time, just very randomly. 

      Any help you can give to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

      thanks Natasha

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi Natasha 


        Thanks for your message. Does your client have the "Warn for duplicate Invoice and Customer PO Numbers on Recorded Sales" ticked under Setup>>Preferences>>Sales?


        For me to investigate this further I would need to know what the client is doing exactly for these invoices to get duplicate numbers. I am aware of a situation where the warning doesn't alway show with converting the same quote to an invoice multiple times. The function 'Warn for duplicate..." also doesn't work in the browser version.