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2 years ago

Error importing item sales into MYOB

We are doing some testing on importing item sales into MYOB.  Have tried following your suggested procedures of exporting sales as a template, but even just chaning the invoice number and trying to import one sale is problematic.


We are currently getting an error message 

Error -4051: You may not transfer more items than you have on hand in a location (Item Number ).


We have millions of litres of stock on hand for the specified location so not sure what is causing the issue.


We are working in a test file stored offline as we have colleagues working on the live file and we didn't want to cause any disruption.  The product is Account Right Premier 2022.3.0

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    Hi SDuddy 

    Can you please attach a screenshot of the item's profile and also the sample import file with one sale here so we can investigate what's causing this error?