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2 years ago

Cannot run a payroll and cannot get onto myob.


I cannot pay an invoice via my account, it won't let me.  I am unable to confirm a company file online and I have tried unsuccessfully to call myob for assistance since last Thurday and it is now Monday.  

I need to pay pays today and I can't get into any of my subscriptions.........

Can anyone help me out with a bypass or anything?  I am seriously desperate! 

Thanks Heather 

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    Hi Heather (PrecisePayroll)


    Sorry to hear that you were unsuccessfully in calling for assistance, but I can certainly look into both of those for you.


    Can you send me a Private Message with the following details:

    • Last 4 digits of your Serial Number and Account Name 
    • Product and Build (this can be found under Help > About MYOB Accountright)
    • The email you are logged in with when attempting to open the invoice via My Account

    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.

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      Thanks Samara, I have sent you a private message with all the information.


      Kind regards Heather