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4 years ago


I am an accoutant and a new client has invited me to access their online file.  I have accepted this invite and then logged into Accountright on my computer and accessed their online file.  I go stra...
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    4 years ago

    Hi LRobinson 


    AccountRight 2021 allows for users to be set up as read-only users. This allows the user to see records without making changes. To make the user a read-only user you would need to navigate to Setup>>User Access>>Select the user and enable Read Only. Note: This option overwrites the read access of individual role settings.


    Now you mentioned that you have the Administrator role within the file, this actually locks those options from being changed. So if you are needing to change that you would be looking at changing roles to update that setting. I've outlined the process you/your client would need to complete to disable that option:

    1. Navigate to Setup>>User Access.
    2. Choose your User ID (left hand side).
    3. Untick Administrator from the Company file roles list. If Administrator is the only role, select a different role like Accountant/Bookkeeper.
    4. Select Save.
    5. Untick Read Only.
    6. Select Save.
    7. Re-enable the Administrator role (if required).
    8. Select Save.

    The above process removes the restriction to allow the read-only option to disabled (or enabled) before re-adding the role back if required.