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2 years ago

FORCED to go online

MYOB failure with there online cut off dates's the 3012/2022 and I cannot load my file. I'm now on the phone for an hour waiting for "service" which is a joke. Forced online so you can be harrased with their add ons, and poor service. MYOB community, where we the customers fix their bugs and do MYOB research free on charge for MYOB.

I will be changing to xero next year once I get through this MYOB created mess. Data file now online with no guarantee it can't be hacked. Shame on you MYOB, for your sevice was poor for years and now it's even worse then ever.

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  • Hello marja 


    Thank you for your post. 


    Could you please provide some more details surrounding this issue with you being unable to upload your file. Please take note of any error messages popping up and consider attaching screenshots of them.

    If you could, also please attach a copy of the Diagnostics log.

    Once I have some further information surrounding why you are unable to upload your file I'll be able to assist in a solution.