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2 years ago

Issues with Letters & Invoice Reminders



I have always been able to create letters from a card file however as of 7/11/2022 this feature has stopped working. I receive the following message "This features requires Microsoft Word. A compatible version was not found on this computer."


I have checked our system and we are currently using Microsoft® Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2210 Build 16.0.15726.20068) 32-bit


I am also not able to access Invoice Reminders from an individual Card. The window just comes up blank. I tried following this suggestion but it is from 2020 so was unsure if it is still relevant


Please see attached pictures

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    Having exact same issues and my IT is struggling to find a solution


    HELP Please

  • I am also having the same issue with letters no longer working and am also running Office 32 bit.

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    MYOB can you please let us know if this is being looked into? I am still having issues.

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      Hi all


      When integrating office and AccountRight, the version of office is required to be the Office 365 32-bit version that is installed locally on the computer, not the web-based version - Office Online. 


      If that is the case, the next troubleshooting is to make sure the connection between both programs are working correctly.

      To troubleshoot the integration, try the following steps:


      Hope that helps.
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