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6 months ago

Inserting a New Item Invoice into Accountright

If I import a new Invoice Into Accountright using the manual Import/Export Function , the system works fine until it finds an Item in an invoice which does not have sufficient Stock on Hand to fulfil the Invoice.   In this situation it simply rejects the WHOLE Invoice while processing correctly all the Invoices which have sufficient Stock to be fulfilled.


My question is "What happens with the API when transferring a new Invoice to Accountright and the system finds there is not enough stock to fulfil an item in the invoice ?"


Manual entry of an Invoice in Accountright prompts "Buy ?"  or "Make ?" when stock is too low.

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    Hi ITM , that situation has to be dealt with in your import program. For example I have a script which processes orders received in Excel files, and posts them to AccountRight via the API. Amongst other things, the script extracts the current stock levels, and changes the invoice to an order if any of the items on the invoice have insufficient stock. Every order is assured of being posted. The client then converts those orders as stock arrives.