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4 years ago

online payments nil amount

We have had three payments made online yesterday that have zero amounts paid. We have recieved the remittance to say that they have been paid and a receipt can be printed however the invoice has not been paid. When the individual invoices are opened the amount paid say VOID.

Any ideas on what has happened and how to fix it?

  • Hi awpmnsw


    Just following up on how you went with this ?


    Please do let us know if you have any further troubles. 

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  • We have the same problem with nil amounts showing on the last two online Bpay payments.  When we open the invoice the amount is void.  There is an error on the payment notification email on amount paid: $1e-7.undefined.  However, the payment has been recieved into our account.

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      That is exactly what is occuring in our system. 

  • Hi awpmnswTracy_M


    Thank you for your post. So I can take a look into this for you, can you please provide a screenshot of remittance saying the invoices have been paid but the online invoices showing as VOID. 

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      Customer Service have now helped us to resolve this issue.  We deleted the void payment and manually entered the amount received for our customer and typed Online payment in the memo section for payment.


      Thank you.

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      Hi Melissa,


      Please see the attached screenshoots. We have three payments like this one. 



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        Hi awpmnsw


        Thanks for the screenshots. So I can take a look into this further for you can you please send me a private message with the following information:

        • Serial number 
        • Your full name and email address 
        • File ID (This can be found by going to Help > About MYOB AccountRight)