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10 months ago

Disappearing wages payments



It is now six days since I made a request for support regarding wages payments which do not feature in Banking reconciliation. I have heard absolutely nothing from anybody. I think enough is enough.


I did manage a short time ago today to get an alleged human on the other end of a chat window after convincing the idiot AI that it could not help me. I had not responded in two minutes so they left. Great.


Enough really is enough now. Six days is a very long time.


Has anybody out there got a way I can contact someone who will provide support?

  • Hi Hibbo3909,

    Thanks for the update. 


    The electronic payment feature is designed to cater to transactions that are paid in bulk, so this is usually for wages for multiple employees that appear as one transaction in the bank feed. I would suggest downloading the bank files by batch according to how your bank feed shows (this is not an issue if you don't use bank feed). The short answer is yes, we could download a bank file to the right bank account for these transactions to show in the reconcile accounts screen. 


    Let us know if you still have any questions. We're happy to help. 




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  • Hi Hibbo3909


    Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your support experience. 


    I understand how important it is that we find the missing transactions in the file. In this case, I would recommend opening Banking > Find transactions > Find the transactions to see if those transactions are recorded correctly in the ledger. If you find these transactions in this window and they are recorded correctly, it's likely that these transactions are only missing from the reconcile accounts window. If this is the case, you need to reconcile the accounts to a future date (follow these steps). 

    1. Click Banking > Reconcile accounts. 
    2. Choose the bank account. 
    3. Input the statement date 31/12/9998.
    4. Mark all transactions checked.
    5. Copy the calculated closing balance to the closing bank statement balance. 
    6. Click reconcile. 
    7. Click the undo button next to the date last reconciled. 

    Following these steps would ensure that there are no hidden transactions in this window. After which you can reconcile as normal. 


    Let us know if you still run into any issues. We'll help further. 




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      Good morning Genreve


      Before I embark upon your suggested path, can anyone explain to me precisely why this happened and whether or not taking this path will rectify the problem which exists right now?


      I have now paid this employee three times and her wages payments definitely appear in Transactions with all relevant attributions to PAYG and Superannuation.


      However, the payments do not get a mention when I attempt to reconcile the bank account.


      I don’t see the point in trying to just repair past faults if they are only going to be repeated in the future.


      Some direction, please.

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      Me again Genreve


      I am truly disappointed to report that this suggested fix has done absolutely nothing to rectify the missing payments problem I have when trying to reconcile our bank account.


      I followed your instructions to the letter. Same problem exists.


      What next?

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        Hi Hibbo3909


        Thanks for the response and I'm sorry to hear about the experience. 


        If we followed the fix from my previous reply but these transactions still can't be found in the reconcile accounts window. I would suggest checking the Payment method of the employee you processed the pay to (Payroll > Employees > Name of employee > Payment details) and checking what ledger account that payment method is connected to (Accounting > Manage linked accounts > Payroll > Bank account for the (payment method)). If the linked account is different from what we are trying to reconcile, we need to correct this. If the payment method is an electronic payment, then we need to create a transaction to move the pay runs from the electronic clearing account into the bank account of choice by going to (Payroll > Prepare electronic payments). 


        I would also encourage you to read through this help article "Making electronic payments", in case the payment method is electronic. 


        Let us know if you require any further help.