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2 months ago

previously reconciled transactions now unreconciled

I run two businesses through MYOB business and one business now has transactions dating back to 2021 and the other business 2022 that are now unreconciled. MYOB is telling me to unreconcile all statements back to that time and re-reconcile. It is quicker for me to take my business elsewhere, then to be fixing up their mistakes when MYOB did the transition to the new update. None of us has the time to go back 2 and 3 years to fix a problem that you created by your upgrade. 🌹

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  • Hi simonneale,


    Thanks for bringing this up. I totally get how this could be bugging you. This happens because the bank reconciliations in MYOB follow a certain order, where the closing balance is figured out based on the last reconciled balance plus the transactions you've ticked off. Usually, editing reconciled transactions can indeed lead to them becoming unreconciled. Given the extensive period affected, you might want to try doing a reconciliation set for a future date to see if that balances things out. If that doesn't work, you'll have to undo the reconciliations back to where the imbalance first popped up and then redo them.


    Feel free to reach out anytime you need further assistance.




  • Dear Princess,

    Can you please explain why this is only happening since the recent update?I have had the same problem with multiple files. The client or accountant may make a minor change.  Usually editing a reconciled transaction did not un-reconcile it. This is awfully frustrating!

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      Hi MG57,


      This only happens to transactions with a journal entry with more than 1 line going against the same account. In v19, it records each line of a transaction separately and hence in v19 it is possible to actually reconcile each line at a different date. AccountRight Live totals the balance of transactions for multiple lines towards the same account as a single line item against the account (transaction appears as one line). When you click on an old transaction where part of if was reconciled at different dates it actually reposts the whole transaction again (and the transaction becomes unreconciled). Feel free to drop us a post again if there's anything you need assistance with.


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