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Why can't I match employee pays in Bank transactions?

Hi Everyone


If you've been upgraded to the newer MYOB Business platform and employee pays aren't appearing in the Bank transactions window the most common cause is the employee's Payment method is Electronic.


We've added the ability to pay suppliers electronically in the newer platform, this means that the process for creating bank files has changed. If the employee's Payment method is Electronic, the net pay amount is allocated to the electronic clearing account instead of the bank account. You'll need to process the electronic payment transaction to move the amount from the electronic clearing account to the bank account.


Before you can process the electronic payment transaction you'll need to do the one-time set up of electronic payments: Setting up electronic payments


Once that's done you can make the electronic payment:

  1. Go to Banking>>Prepare electronic payments
  2. Enter the date and make sure the account selected in the Account field is the bank account
  3. Tick the applicable pay transactions
  4. Click on Download bank file


Once that process has been completed you'll find you can match the electronic payment transaction with the bank feed transaction using the Match transaction option for the required bank transaction.



How can I tell if pays have been allocated to the electronic clearing account?


There's a few places you can check this -

  • Go to Banking>>Prepare electronic payments, if they've been allocated to the electronic clearing account they'll be in this window
  • Go to Banking>>Find transactions>>locate and open a pay transaction>>check the account selected in the Account field
  • Go to Payroll>>Employees>>open the employee card>>Payment details tab>>Payment method


What do I do if I have already paid the employee wages?


If you have paid this employee through another means other than direct bank file i.e. cash or bank transfer, you'll still need to set up and make the electronic payment (as outlined above). This process generates a transaction in software to represent that electronic payment to ensure that your MYOB Business accounts match that of your bank transactions for reconciling.  


Please note: When selecting Download bank file a bank files is generated. Do not upload this file to your bank if you have already paid the employee. Doing so will pay the employee again if you upload that to your bank for processing.

What if I don't want to pay my employees using a bank file?

As the original transaction was processed electronically, you'll still need to complete that process for pays that have already been recorded. 


To prevent this situation from occurring in the future do complete the following process:

  1. Navigate to your employee's card -- Payroll>>Employees>>Open the employee's card
  2. Select the Payments details tab
  3. Update the Payment Method to Cash or Cheque

If you are using this method, we also recommend reviewing your link account for cash or cheque payments. This is done in Accounting>>Manage linked accounts>>Payroll. You want to ensure that the bank account you will be using to reflect that payment is listed in this window as the Bank account for Cash payments or the Bank Account for Cheque payments (depending on the payment method selected for on the employee's card).

Need further assistance?

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