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2 years ago

2 x staff nett pay don't translate into clearing account

I have 2 x staff (out of 13) who's nett pay transactions don't make it into the clearing account I have set up. This is only happening since intro of the new platform. All other staff it's okay. 


I'm getting further and further out of balance on nett pay and have no idea how to fix it. Please help.


(using essentials)


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  • Hi markdavies1 


    Thanks for your post. Net wage amounts are posted to the account linked to the employee's Payment method.

    You can check the linked accounts for Payment methods in Accounting>>Manage linked accounts>>Payroll tab.


    To check where those amounts are being posted go to Banking>>Find transactions>>locate a payroll transaction>>click on the reference number to open and check the Account field.


    If the account is the electronic clearing account you will need to set up and process the Prepare electronic payment transactions to move those amounts from the electronic clearing account to the bank account. This Help Article, Paying suppliers and employees electronically, has detailed information.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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