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2 years ago

process paying a negative superannuation amount

I have corrected an employee's pay which resulted to negative superannuation amounts.  However, when I go to Pay Superannuation, RED XXX appear and with an error - You can't pay a negative super amount for an employee.


The net amount of the corrections is a positive amount so I don't know why it's not allowing me to pay.


Appreciate your help...

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    Hi GCSadmin 


    Thank you for the information. 


    The Pay Superannuation function cannot make negative payments, thus the error message. Could you please check that the net amount to be paid for each employee involved are all positive? You can also exclude 1 employee from the batch at a time to work out the offending one. 


    If you are still stuck, please provide a screenshot of the pay Super batch you are trying to record, showing the individual amounts and the total, so we can check it further.