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2 months ago

Unallocated Payroll Payment

When setting up a new employee I mistakenly entered "Electronic" option instead of "Cheque" in the "Payment Details" section. Subsequently I made a manual payment through our one Bank Account at the end of the week, but in "Bank Transactions" the payment remained unallocated. I then went back to the employee details and changed the "Payment Details" from "Electronic" to "Cheque" but the payment still shows unallocated in "Bank Transactions". When looking at the pay details for that week it gives the reference number etc correctly, but it also still shows "Electronic" in the Payment Method field which seems to be set and not changeable. Any advice on how to allocate the wages correctly would be much appreciated. Thanks, Charlie

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    Hi Charlie7


    If the pay run was manually paid through the bank, all you need to do is create a "Spend Money" transaction in MYOB. This allows you to allocate the payroll payment to the spend money transaction, ensuring there are no unallocated transactions for that pay run. Even if you changed the payment details from "Electronic" to "Cheque" in the employee settings, the payment method field in the pay details might still show "Electronic" as set—it's more of a record than a changeable field. Creating the spend money transaction should tidy things up nicely! Let me know if you have any more questions!


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  • Thanks, Doreen. I managed to fix it by reversing the payment, then did another payrun for that employee with correct details & seems to have done the trick with correct payroll reference, complies with STP # etc.

    Regards, Charlie